Student athlete Calley Vick has approached being the first female member of the Bulldogs in over a decade with a down-to-earth personality and humble attitude. Vick has received much attention throughout the Howe community after becoming the only female to earn a spot on the varsity team in head coach Zack Hudson’s nine seasons at Howe High School.

“It doesn’t feel different,” Vick said. “I was a water girl before, and me and the guys have been friends throughout high school even some in middle school, so when we are on the field they treat me just the same. They don’t act any different when I’m around. I would say they are their normal selves.”

Vick describes her team and coaching staff as being upbeat and supportive. While Vick is generally treated the same as any other Howe High School football player, some special arrangements are made in order to ensure Vick’s comfort and safety.

“I mean but they are also protective, they are aware when I’m around,” Vick added. “[Coach Hudson] said that I said I could kick better than anybody out there, and I didn’t,” she clarified.

“Coach Fry found out I played some club soccer when I was a water girl,” she said of her beginnings with the team. After being asked if she could kick a ball decently, Vick kicked the ball around with Coach Fry one day after practice. After observing her at play, he offered her the spot of team kicker to help the Bulldogs out.

Having been active as a soccer player in select leagues and a member of the Lady Bulldogs basketball team, Vick is a lifelong athlete with a strong sense of sportsmanship and enthusiasm for team competition.

Through no fault of her own, Vick has yet to receive many chances to kick for the point-after-touchdown save for the first game of the season and the first game of her high school football career against Gunter in which Vick kicked a field goal in her first scoring attempt as a varsity football player.

“That was my first game… it was a little nerve-wracking, but like I said, there is so much support on the team,” she said. “They never gave me a doubt that I couldn’t do it. I always felt I could it was just the fact that I actually had to go out there and do it.”

Since earning her spot as the first string kicker for Howe, Vick has competed alongside her teammates through the trials and tribulations of the first four games of a tough season with the same level of dedication and drive that is required of all successful Bulldog student athletes. Vick remains widely optimistic despite having yet to receive the chance to play in the last two games for Howe.

Vick and the rest of Howe’s favorite football team and their supporters have been outwardly upbeat and optimistic despite having yet to earn a victory thus far into the 2017 season.

Vick and the Bulldogs will next make an appearance beneath the Friday night lights on Sept. 29 against Caddo Mills when the Bulldogs host McKinney Christian Academy.