HURST- It was a rough start for the Van Alstyne High School Cross Country teams as they competed in the Flyin’ High Early Bird Invitational for the first meet of the season at Tarrant College in Hurst on August 17. The Lady Panthers Cross Country team placed 20th overall, and the Panthers took the 29th spot out of the 36 teams competing. Panther runner Bryce Sevarino medaled in the meet, making it into the top 20 boys runners.

The competition was a rough start for many of the cross country team’s first-time runners.

“It was extremely hilly and muddy since it rained a lot that day,” Van Alstyne Cross Country Head Coach Rachel Sevarino said. “Several of my runners and others slid down or up the hills in the mud.”

At one point during the competition, the meet was delayed due to inclement weather.

“We had a lightning delay,” Sevarino said, “the runners were a little nervous being their first meet, but pushed themselves.” Both the boys and girls runners had to run 2 miles.

The Panther Cross Country team went up against opponents from 5A and 6A schools.

“We were the only 3A there,” Sevarino said, adding that the majority of the teams were mostly 5A and 6A from the Dallas area.

The Panthers’ Cross Country teams will next compete on September 2 at the Marcus I Invitational in North Lake Park in Denton.