Texas football is the heart and soul of every small town in the Lone Star State, and the time-honored tradition is no more alive and well than it is in the City of Howe. Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for the Bulldogs Zack Hudson will be working over the summer to build a championship football team with the summer workout program for the Howe High School Bulldogs. Hudson will work with the student athletes to improve or earn a spot as a captain on the team throughout the summer.

“You can’t be a captain unless you come 85 percent of the time,” Hudson said of the requirements for a leadership role on the Bulldogs.

While the Bulldog summer activities are not mandatory, it does offer players a chance to train up and gain a competitive edge as leaders and athletes.

The Howe High School summer workout program will be held in the mornings every Monday through Thursday for the next six weeks. The number of players involved in the summer workout program has increased every year since Hudson took over coaching duties at Howe five years ago.

“Every year our number goes up,” Hudson said. “Last year we averaged about 60, this year we averaged around 71.”

Hudson has more than 16 years of coaching experience to draw from as he looks ahead to his fifth season with the Bulldogs and the Howe High School Football camp, which is set to begin at the end of July.

Hudson says the Bulldogs will welcome back six players on the offensive line and seven players on the defensive line as they charge into the 2017-2018 season. The incoming class of freshman players has been cause for much anticipation for the coaching staff and supporters of the Bulldogs.

“That’s a pretty good class for us,” Hudson said of the incoming freshman. “We have high expectations for them.”

The team has a constant goal of improving upon its performance from the previous season and to ensure a postseason run.

“It’s our goal to make sure we are playing over Thanksgiving,” Hudson said. “After that, whoever shows up and plays the best wins.”

The Bulldogs made it three rounds into the state championship playoffs before ultimately falling to the team that would go on to be state champions.

“Last year we got backed out by the state champions and played them better than anyone else,” Hudson said.

Above all, Hudson says the team’s goal is “to always be playing the best football at the end.”