Van Alstyne High School cross country runner Bryce Sevarino will be traveling to Eugene, Oregon, to attend the summer track and field camp at Oregon State University this summer. The University of Oregon will host the camp from Monday, June 26 until July 1. The University of Oregon’s cross country and track and field programs have produced legendary athletes and Olympian runners.

“I’m thrilled with being able to participate in the summer track and field camp where I’ll be coached by some of the best distance coaches and current athletes,” Sevarino said. “In my opinion, some of the world’s best running athletes come from Oregon. I’m really excited I’ll get to run on the same trails as the college runners.”

Sevarino is fresh off a successful 2017 season, highlighting the varsity Van Alstyne High School cross country and track programs as a freshman.

He made the 2017 All-Texomaland Cross Country team this past season and has been a competition runner since his fifth grade year. Sevarino says his ultimate goal is to fulfill his dream of attending the University of Oregon after graduating.

Sevarino has not let off the steam since completing his first year.

“I medaled in all our cross country meets,” he said. “I was part of the district-winning cross country team as well as helping my team qualify to run at the state meet.”

In his freshman year at Van Alstyne High School, Sevarino made it to the area round of the state championships before concluding the season.

“It’s something I’m talented in and I love every aspect of the sport,” he said.

Sevarino’s average summer workout includes a four to five mile run on shorter days and up to 10-12 miles during the longer days.

“It depends on what part of the season we are in, but generally 40- to 50-miles per week,” Sevarino said. “I also cross train by biking, usually 40 miles a week on bike.”

Sevarino said he has completed several 40- and 80-mile races so far this year.

“I know this is going to pay off in the future so I keep pushing myself,” Sevarino said. “Every run is an investment and the result is the race.”

The Texas heat over the summer makes it all too easy for runners to opt for taking it slower, but not for Sevarino.

“It’s like every other run; I don’t focus on the heat,” Sevarino said. “I just focus on the run. I run in the cold, rain — really any weather.”

“Having the opportunity to compete at the state cross country meet was a fantastic experience,” he added.

Sevarino said his individual goal for the coming season is to place among the Top 10 runners in the state and his goals as a team member would be to win a state championship.