The Van Alstyne High School boys basketball summer camp started Monday with Panther head coach Russell Best at the helm. Assistant coach Jeff Green and Van Alstyne Middle School seventh grade head coach Terry Land assisted Best as the coaches instructed the incoming middle school and freshman on the first day of camp.

The coaches’ aim for the camp is to build skill, confidence and impart a basic understanding of the foundation of the game.

“We don’t expect you to be perfect or be perfect by Thursday,” Best said to the group.

Best spoke of the baby steps required for the student athletes to reach their next skill level, “but it should be better by tomorrow, it should be better by Wednesday.”

“It’s through messing up that you learn how to do it right,” Best said. “Don’t get frustrated,” The young student athletes carried themselves with maturity throughout the first day of camp as they took direction from their coaches with focus.

“Your best can get better,” Best said, encouraging the current and future Panther basketball players.

Best said the camp has a total of approximately 60 students divided into two groups. The camp focuses on the student athletes developing a key understanding of the fundamentals of the sport with emphasis on not only the athletes improving their own personal level of skill but that of their teammates.

The Camp will run from Monday through Thursday at the Van Alstyne High School basketball court. Those interested in earning a spot on the Van Alstyne Middle School and High School teams are encouraged to attend the camps and use their time this summer to improve their skills before tryouts in early November.