The Van Alstyne Independent School District Athletic Department is showing its “Summer Pride” by making the facilities available for use by any student athlete wishing to maintain and improve his or her skills and increase his or her chances to earn a spot on the team. Panther football head coach Mikeal Miller is overseeing the summer program at the ATC.

“We get six weeks for about two hours a day,” Miller said. “The boys come three days a week and the girls come four days a week.”

The ATC will be “open for all incoming seventh graders through twelfth graders. Usually we have right around 40 to 45 boys and about 20 girls who come up here and work out during the summers,” Miller said.

School may be out for the summer but the doors of Van Alstyne High School Athletic Training Center have not closed to their student athletes completely. While the students take a summer break, the VAHS athletic staff is working to give their athletes an opportunity to stay sharp over the summer. The Summer Pride workout program provides VAHS student athletes some time in which they will be able to use the facilities for strength training and conditioning.

“Every year you kind of start over and rebuild with what you got,” Miller said.

He explained changing team dynamics due to new school students arriving over the summer and performance improvements from returning underclassmen.

“Kids that invest a lot of time and progress and get a lot better and maybe some that don’t spend as much time investing,” Miller said, adding each new season presents new challenges every year.

Many student athletes are taking advantage of the athletic facilities made available to them by the school district. Officials say VAISD has always prided itself on the rich offerings of summer programs for its students, and the summer athletic programs are among the most active summer programs in the area.

Being the head football coach, Miller is especially looking forward to watching his Panther football players show initiative and improve over the summer.

“Right now we got our football league over in Melissa we start that (June 5), both our boys and girls’ basketball teams are already playing in different summer leagues and our volleyball league and cross country is going on as well.”

Summer is in full swing in Texas and for many student athletes of VAHS it means the same as it would for the average American teen — summer jobs, family vacations, and summer camps. Those student athletes who are interested in attending the VAHS Summer Pride summer workout program are encouraged to drop by the ATC beginning the morning of June 12 through July 27.

Athletes will be participating in separate workouts at the facility, which will be available for use for Panthers 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday with Lady Panther workouts scheduled 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday. More details can be found on the athletic department page through the Van Alstyne Independent School District webpage.