Howe high school graduate Devin Hargrove wanted to make a contribution to his high school that would aid future Bulldog and Lady Bulldog athletes. His original idea was to create a scholarship, but, after visiting with athletic director Zack Hudson, the decision was made to set up a co-ed softball tournament to benefit the booster club.

Hargrove, the older brother of current Lady Bulldog standout Madisyn Hargrove, announced some of the details of the event last week.

The tournament is set for June 24, and in addition to games between entering teams, a home run derby will be conducted at the Howe baseball/softball complex.

The entry fee for teams in the tournament will be $225 per team.

Fees for the home run derby have not yet been determined, but the basic rules and prizes are known.

Men will hit from home plate at the baseball field, while women will slug it out from second base at the softball field.

If 25 or more entries are received for the derby the winner will receive a 2017 USSSA bat. Less than 25, the winner gets half the pot.

Hargrove’s goal is to give back to his former school with the event.