An early-morning traffic stop resulted in a drug bust for Van Alstyne police.

Police pulled over a 2000 Lexus for defective equipment at 3:37 a.m. on the morning of Aug. 18 on southbound Highway 75. Arrested was 27-year-old Eric Vongkhamsene, of Tyler, as officers discovered illegal narcotics in the vehicle.

Vongkhamsene was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance over 4 ounces and under 5 pounds. The charge carries with it a state jail felony.

Police made another arrest on Aug. 26, again on southbound Highway 75, at 2:29 a.m. A traffic stop resulted in the arrest of Jermaine Filler, 31, of McKinney, on a charge of failure to identify/giving false or fictitious information. The charge carries as a misdemeanor B offense.

Throughout the last reporting period Van Alstyne police officers responded to seven incidents and 332 calls for service.

With the Labor Day weekend coming up, VAPD Chief Tim Barnes warns those thinking of doing too much imbibing before they get behind the wheel.

"We want everyone to be safe over the holiday weekend, just remember that if you’re going to consume alcohol do not get intoxicated and get behind the wheel," said Barnes, "or you’re going to be arrested and it’s going to cost you."

With Labor Day being the last holiday weekend for a while and the unofficial goodbye to summer the number of driving while intoxicated arrests go up this time of year. Law enforcement agencies know that there will be more drunk drivers than normal on the roads over the Labor Day weekend and will step up their presence accordingly.

"This is a weekend in which the Highway Patrol normally has additional personnel, we will have additional personnel out," said Barnes. "What we see typically during these holiday weekends is that people who normally don’t consume alcohol to the point of being intoxicated will go overboard many times and then get behind the wheel."

Barnes also pointed out that the VAPD does not do breathalyzer tests; they get evidential warrants and draw blood.

"The main thing is, be safe as there will be a lot of kids out over the weekend as they’ve been in school all week. We just want people to enjoy the holiday weekend; if you’ve had too much to drink call a cab, call a friend or have a designated driver before you go to any event if you know there’s a chance you could become intoxicated. It’s getting behind that wheel of that vehicle that could cost that person or an innocent person their lives."