The Van Alstyne Culture Club went on the road for its March meeting. We met at the Church of Christ in Van Alstyne and traveled to local points of interest and historical sites.

The first stop was Harber Wildlife Museum where we were met by our guide, Keith McBrayer. He told us how the Harbers obtained their collection through hunting expeditions and travels. He also gave us information about the animals and how the museum developed; the animals were beautifully displayed in realistic dioramas. We enjoyed the closeup view of the amazing animals. The museum is well worth your time.

From there we traveled to Denison to the birthplace of our 34th president, David Dwight Eisenhower. We were met by our guide and learned of the dedication of the citizens of Denison to preserve the modest home where President Eisenhower was born and lived for a short time before moving to Kansas. Even though President Eisenhower did not remember living there he did make a visit to Denison and thanked its citizens for preserving history. It was interesting to see how close the home was to the railway. David and Ida Eisenhower must have busy parents raising the first of their three sons in that location.

Our final stop was Frontier Village at Loy Lake. We were met by our guides and took a step back in time. We toured one-room cabins, homes that held many of the first settlers of Grayson County, a one-room school house and visited a small country church. A stop well worth your time if you are interested in the history of our county.

We returned home to Van Alstyne with a better understanding of interesting and historical places to visit in our county.