The Van Alstyne Middle School seventh graders celebrated Veterans Day by making local veterans welcome at their school on Monday morning. The occasion was Honoring our Veterans: Heroes of Freedom. The presentation began with the lighting of a remembrance candle and the presentation of colors by Van Alstyne Boy Scout Troop 44. VAMS students took to the podium to explain the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner and the history of military music and Arlington National Cemetery, among other points of interest. Madison Barton, from Van Alstyne High School, performed a particularly rousing rendition of TAPS, while the VAMS Choir and VAMS Band performed, as well. Veterans were recognized and asked to stand as the band played the songs of each branch of the armed services. Veterans left the assembly by going through a gauntlet of students and well-wishers on their way to a reception in the school library.