Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful has been on a membership drive and has increased its new members enough to outgrow the meeting space at the EDC/CDC building. KVAB will move monthly meetings to the Community Center beginning with the 6 p.m. meeting on Sept. 15. Membership has grown due to Facebook and web page promotions bringing the citizens of the area together to improve Van Alstyne’s "curb appeal."

On Saturday, a large group of members were present early in the morning at Kyrie’s Coffee Co. getting safety stripes and trash bags and loading into vehicles in order to clean up along the railroad tracks downtown and at the east and west entrance ramps at highways 121 and 75. A huge pickup and car trunk load of litter and trash was gathered in less than two hours. Some local men at the coffee shop were encouraged to join the clean-up effort and at least two new members came from recruiting them to help with the event.

Residents are being encouraged to send pictures and suggestions to to promote individual efforts and businesses trying to improve the beautification of the city. Pictures of local flower beds, yard improvements, gardens, and attractive landscaping will encourage others to clean up and spruce up yards and areas around homes and neighborhoods city wide.

Any areas that need cleaned up or improved by mowing or trash pick-up can also be submitted to the web site or Facebook page to encourage members and local citizens to help clean up or promote an event that would bring people together as a group to solve the problem. KVAB also works with the Chamber of Commerce and other local civic groups and business sponsors, including Keep Texas Beautiful. Van Alstyne is an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful and that organization recognizes efforts of all Texas towns which strive to improve the image of our state.

Since Van Alstyne is now a recycle city, citizens will be encouraged to participate in a large electronic and used small appliance clean-up day to be announced in September. Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful will participate in several local events including National Night Out, Fall der All and holiday events being held this Fall and Winter. KVAB welcomes everyone in the surrounding areas to join our efforts to keep Van Alstyne "clean and green."