Sherman rolled out a new plan to help clean up the city this week that will focus on one quadrant of the city each quarter of the year. And instead of this being a new program with a set end-date, city staff said it will be continuing indefinitely as Sherman’s new standard operating procedures.

Of course, not every Sherman neighborhood has trash on the ground or junk cars littering the street, but no one wants to live near a house that’s a blight on the neighborhood.

Growing up, my family lived on a dead-end street, which meant I could usually play in the street with the other children in the neighborhood with little worry of cars coming, but the first house on our street perpetually had junk cars and trash in their yard. The family that lived there also had a child around my age, so we would often play together.

But my parents didn’t like me going over to his house, which I didn’t understand at the time. Looking back on it as an adult, I totally get it because so much of it was a tetanus shot waiting to happen.

Eventually, the city stepped in and the whole property had to be completely razed. I had already moved out by the time that happened, but I sometimes wonder what became of that family.

Hopefully, Sherman’s new clean-up initiative will head problems like that off early enough to prevent similar problems.

Happy birthday Friday to Alvin Keele, Trevor Collins, and Patricia Lillie Hagood, all of Denison; Charles Green and Don Phelps, both of Sherman; Betty Weimer of Southmayd; Carol Gunn Oliphant of Dallas; James Howard Mulkey of Aubrey; Delores Isom Reeves of Ada, Oklahoma; Earl Jackson of Honey Grove; and Tony Orcutt of Windsor Heights, Iowa.

Happy anniversary Friday to Joyce and Charlie Huddleston of Luella, 61 years.