I started Tailwaggers Country Inn in Van Alstyne in 1998. My first phone system was installed by Verizon in 1998. Around 2000 I installed my first IT system and used Verizon Business Services as my ISP. As we expanded, so did our service needs. We added more computers, DIRECTV and 20 webcams. As of this spring and into the summer, we added a new expansion facility as well as 13 new webcams and additional DirecTv ports. That is when our trouble started.

Since the spring, we have had constant service outages which not only take down all our systems, but the webcams as well. These cameras are a huge selling point for our customers as they can remotely view their pets. Needless to say, when those go out, we start getting complaints. We are also losing business because of these outages.

Our webcam provider, Four Feathers out of Denison, has been out multiple times attempting to find out what is going on. Their systems are fine; it is the Internet that is the issue. There is no external connectivity. As of testing yesterday, at one point we were getting 0 down and up on one router and 1.83 down and .55 up on the other, all well below what Frontier is telling us we are receiving, and certainly not for what we are paying.

My husband has spent hours on the phone with Frontier attempting to find what is wrong and what can be done to correct the situation. He was told that the Central Office, where the service emanates, was overloaded and therefore could not accept any further speed or data increases, and they have no plans to increase in this market. In addition, they told him that if we had asked for new service today, we would be denied. Finally, they told him we might lose our service all together. He pleaded with them to reconsider, perhaps we could build a new tower or involve the city of Van Alstyne as we are growing by leaps and bounds. All to no avail, all requests falling on deaf ears.

Speaking of Van Alstyne, as it comes to the residents, we have had numerous complaints about this lack of service as well. Many people work from home and find it difficult to operate due to the constraints of the service. With the influx of people moving into this city, I assume the problem will only worsen as time passes.


Suzen Dennis