Fellow Citizens,

I hope everyone is well. We’ve had some good rains lately with little or no flooding. We’ll have three new members on the city council for the next meeting. Some ideas have been put forward by new members, and it will be good to talk over these ideas, though most of that discussion will take place during an executive session on June 13.

The Friends of the Library held an awards banquet at the library this past Sunday, and I was pleased to be invited. The turnout was great and it was a fine event. There were awards for the especially hard workers within the Friends: When you enter the library and see the golden tree to your left, you will find three new leaves for Marcheta Yealock, Arnold Barrett and Gary Ballard. The city thanks each of them.

There are other events coming up soon in Van Alstyne: The Scout Car Show is coming up on Saturday, June 17. The city council and many key city stakeholders will begin a workshop with contractor, Gateway, regarding a new community development plan to begin perhaps at 8:00 a.m. on June 22. This is a process that we are overdue for and it will be good to get it moving. Our last community development plan was made in 2003 and it had been a fairly accurate plan until our growth began to change the curve. The meeting will be going on most of the day. The next Music in the Park will be on Wednesday, June 27, at 6:30 — the featured artists will be Walker & White.

Construction is booming in the largest three projects in Van Alstyne currently. D.R. Horton has practically finished a masonry wall around their latest Georgetown Village subdivision and there are (at my last count) 22 homes being started. Stonehollow continues to build out their subdivision quickly and their lots are going fast. Palladium is still building at a rapid rate.

I will also let you know that the Sherman-Denison Municipal Planning Organization will be holding public meetings concerning transportation planning for the next four years. This planning does affect the entire county, for anyone interested. The first meeting will be held Monday, June 19, at 8:00 a.m. in the County Commissioners Courtroom. The second will be in the Assembly Room on June 22 at 5:00 p.m.

Thank you, citizens of Van Alstyne.

Yours truly,

Mayor Larry Cooper