Fellow citizens,

We’ve had a couple of truly great fundraisers here locally this past week. The Hurricane Creek Rotary Club put on a Bingo Night on Saturday, Jan. 28. I believe they must have really done well because the room was packed at the Grayson College. This was not serious, professional bingo — it was pure fun! The second event was the Van Alstyne High School Agricultural Science Department BBQ and auction. Once again, nothing but good food and fun. The auctioneer was a wild-man and I’m sure they made a lot of money. The proceeds from each of these events went to local schools.

Construction in Van Alstyne is still going well. I don’t think it will be long before D.R. Horton finishes their street work, and it looks like both sides of Village Parkway could soon be open. Stonehollow is completing six houses and they’ve poured two more foundations. Palladium senior living center has gone vertical with steel and lumber.

It’s getting near election time and we have had several citizens pick up packets at city hall. I was getting a little worried because things seemed to be moving slowly at first. Now it is looking like voters will have some choices and that is always a good thing. I won’t mention any names. It will be better if these good citizens do their own campaigning.

I regret that my newsletter did not get in with the water bills this month. It was a little too legalistic and the fact-checking took a little too long. City staff sent it to the printer, but the printer said it was too late. I think the content of this letter is important because it introduces you to the possible conversion of our Economic Development Corporation into a Municipal Development District. The newsletter is available however, on the city’s web site. The path is City of Van Alstyne, Government, Mayor, Mayor’s Newsletter for February, 2017. I will not assume that all will go to the web site and so I will include most of the content of this last newsletter in March’s water bills. This conversion will be a question on the ballot this coming May, and I know you will want to be informed.

I wish you all well.

Yours truly,

Mayor Larry Cooper