The first six weeks at Howe Elementary saw a terrific upkeep in student scoring. For the A honor roll, there were 40 first graders, 32 second graders, 12 third graders and 9 fourth graders. In total, 33 first graders, 35 second graders, 38 third graders and 43 fourth graders placed on the A/B honor roll. Many students made the accelerated reader goal, with a particularly outstanding number of first graders qualifying.

The top ten accelerated readers are as follows; second grade: Kennedy Garner, Isabella Fleming, Tatum Lindley, Vivian Davis, Tabitha Bjorn, Jaden Strunc, Addison Donoho, Adaline Carter, Isabel Henley, Kamryn Johnson, Caris Riley; third grade: James Johnson, Kaitlynn McKnight, Peyton Duncan, Jakob Griffo, Logan Nitchman, Mya Vines, Nathan Garibay, Emily Lopez, Tatum Gandillon, Nicole White; fourth grade: Sydney Martin, Nowlin Langford, Conner Bakken, Tori Williams, Eisley Zolfaghari, Jessica Warren, Riley McCollum, Kelton Denham, Faridy Gonzalez, Ridley Carter.

Several dozen students from each grade were also marked with exceptional behavior, while numerous students made their math goals. In addition, close to 25 students per grade level earned perfect attendance.