Howe Homecoming took place last weekend, with the royal court being annouced on Friday, Sept. 22 before the football game. Though Howe lost the Friday night football faceoff, the five female members of the homecoming court looked radiant as Alli Morgan was crowned Homecoming Queen and Cade Courtney was crowned Homecoming King.

The night was bittersweet as Howe coach and physical education teacher Steve Simmons announced his retirement after 30 years of educating and leading the Bulldogs community. Simmons is considered a pilar of the Howe community, and his retirement speech brought waterworks to the Bulldogs community as many in the Howe High School gym teared up as he spoke.

“He is the most important person in all of Howe!” sports photographer Michelle Carney stated. “I’m cetain they will name the football stadium after him.”

Simmons has been an integral part of the Bulldogs community since 1987, exiting his position as a Howe legend. Backed by a screaming auditorium full of adoring Howe ISD students and community members, Simmons was honored for his retirement with a painting made by Jordan Streetman. Additionally, to show their love for Simmons, the entire Howe ISD staff wore matching t-shirts to honor him for serving Howe for the past three decades.

“We are Bulldogs!” Simmons yelled at the crowd during the Howe Homecoming pep rally. As always, the students enthusiastically echoed back his words.

Simmons encouraged his players, students and the town to always take pride in the Bulldogs and Howe.

“Hold on to Bulldog pride, and never, never let it go,” Simmons said to his Kingergarten class.