The students of Van Alstyne High School attended the annual college fair held in the gym and cafeteria On Tuesday, Sept. 12. All four classes from freshman to senior attended the event where over 30 colleges were present with representatives to answer any and all questions from the enthusiastic young minds, while alternative post-high school paths were also showcased.

Van Alstyne High School Senior Katie Simpson attended the event to seek out new information which would help the student make a more informed decision regarding her interest in majoring in education.

“Originally I wanted to go to the University of Oklahoma,” said Simpson, “but I’m interested in doing some form of education major so I think Texas State would be the best fit for me.”

After speaking with a representative from Texas State at the college fair, Simpson said she will be leaning more towards Texas State because of a program the representative informed her about which gives students specialized plans that streamline their major. Simpson stated this would give her a an accurate roadmap of how to reach her goals.

Meanwhile, the fair far exceeded sophomore Joshua Clifton’s expectations of the number of colleges that would be represented. “There’s a lot more colleges than I expected” Clifton said. “I just [thought] there would be a few. I looked at a lot I was interested in.”

After attending the fair, Clifton said he is interested in studying Computer Science at the University of Texas at Tyler.

“It is a pretty campus and there’s a lot of opportunities.” Clifton said after hearing more information from representatives.

Van Alstyne High School is among the smaller number of schools who encourage all of their students to attend college fairs as opposed to many schools which only allow junior and senior level students to attend the annual college fairs.

“I’m low key kind of scared, but I’m ready I know what I want to do when I get older,” stated student Emily Kinship. The freshman student said she had been focusing mainly on schools which would help benefit a career in the military with the attitude that it is never too early to start thinking about the future. Military personnel were also present at the fair to explore such a life path.

“I want to go into the army or the marines, but if I don’t do that I want to be a marine biologist,” Kinship said, adding that she is looking forward to signing up to serve after graduation.

“I’ve been training every day,” Kinship said. “I just want to serve… [I’ve] looked at military universities in Florida, New Mexico and Hawaii.”

The turnout at the annual college fair was judged to be a great success as Van Alstyne prepares their students to take on the future with a clearer vision of what they would like to accomplish.