Every year, the Van Alstyne Quilting Society sponsors a local charity. This year, the society chose to raise money for the Grayson County Shelter.

At the society’s monthly meeting that occurred on Monday, Sept. 11, the guild also held a small presentation. Georgia Curry, the member in charge of community service, welcomed Denise Wade from the Grayson County Shelter. “We are pleased to welcome the director of the Grayson County Shelter, Denise Wade,” Curry said.

After Wade thanked Curry and the rest of the guild for allowing her to attend the meeting, she spoke briefly about the needs of the shelter. “The shelter currently has 39 beds, and we’re almost to capacity at 39,” Wade said. “We also have more enroute that were displaced due to the hurricane.”

Wade said that once the remaining families make it to the shelter, it will change the ratio of the residents. “We will have more children than adults once the expected families show up,” Wade said.

One guild member asked what the most needed items in the shelter were. “Surprisingly, we can not keep enough trash bags, toilet paper and paper towels,” Wade said. “Mostly cleaning supplies and toiletry items.”

Another member asked what type of items were requested for the children. “We like to have ‘hug pillows’ made for the children,” Wade said. “It calms them down and gives them security. We never have enough of those.”

After the question and answer session from Wade to the society, the guild presented Wade with their contributions. A few members sold sewing and quilting supplies and raised over $250. Then, they presented the check to Wade for the shelter. The guild also donated a quilt to the society to be auctioned off.