The Van Alstyne School Board reviewed the preliminary bond sale results for the ISD at their regularly scheduled meeting on June 26. These sales will go towards new school development and revitalization projects within the district. Superintendent David Brown explained how the bond sale works.

“Basically we sold $14.5 million of the $24 million,” Brown said. “We budgeted for 4 percent and received 3.11 percent instead, which will save the district a lot of money. The initial $14.5 million will be used to begin the project. We will then sell the other $9.5 million later on in order to save taxpayers some money by helping save interest over 6 months. Part of this money will be spent on the new school and part will be to refurbish the old elementary and some will be spent to buy new land.”

The board also reviewed the initial State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness scores that the district received. The STAAR program is an annual academic assessment that was implemented in 2012.

“Overall scores look really good,” Assistant Superintendent Wendi Russell said. “High school is really rocking it. We are definitely meeting and exceeding standards. Math scores went up almost completely across the board. We are getting there and will be focusing on writing this year to bring those scores up.”

A change in Van Alstyne elementary school lunch pricing was approved at the meeting. The new lunch price will be $2.70 — a 10-cent increase from the previous $2.60. This change was approved after assessing the average price being charged by surrounding and similar districts.

The board voiced its concern over the reduction of free and reduced lunch applications recently. Free and reduced lunch applications help assist not only the students in need but also the district to pull in money for the lunch program.

The district also gave their approval for the bike trail to be built by the city on the north side of the high school. The concrete walkway will provide a safer path for students walking home. The city will be responsible for maintaining the pathway in the event of cracking or aging.