Texoma Housing Partners Monday decided to end its administrative contract with Texoma Council of Governments. The change goes into place at the end of August.

In a statement, Marty Burke, THP board chair, said, “The growth in staffing over the last year and the recent addition of the Leonard Housing Authority has simply tipped the scales. TCOG has grown our program to such a level that we are now able to manage it ourselves.”

TCOG has operated the public housing program since 1993 when the organization administered individual contracts with seven housing authorities. That number grew to 13, and after the Quality Housing Work Responsibility Act (QHWRA) legislation was passed by Congress in 1998, the 13 housing authorities from Fannin, Grayson, Collin and Hunt Counties joined forces to create the nation’s first public housing consortium in 2000. That same year, the multiple administrative contracts were reduced to one agreement between TCOG and THP, and since then 6 more cities have joined the consortium bringing the total to 19. Over the years, TCOG and THP have enjoyed a positive and productive partnership focused on the provision of safe, decent and affordable housing across Texoma.

“Our ability to support our programs to the degree they are in a position to stand on their own is indicative of better leadership, which is what we strive for at TCOG.” Jason Brinkley, TCOG board president, said. “We are very proud to have been of service to THP for so many years; we wish them well and look forward to continuing our partnership.”