It was a short and to-the-point meeting for the Van Alstyne City Council when they met in special session Tuesday evening to canvass the May 6 election results and swear in the newly-elected officials, as well as re-swear in Mayor Larry Cooper. Cooper retained his seat because of not having an opponent. Sworn in were new council members Lee Thomas and Teddie Ann Salmon. Also elected was Suzon Crowell, who was unable to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

It began with a quorum of those already on the Council — Brad Clough, Robert Jaska and Billy Plake — necessary to call the meeting to order and to vote on the election results. The Canvass Report showed there had been no early-voting ballots by mail, a total of 252 early voters in person, and 267 election day voters at the polls, for a total of 519 ballots cast. The Council approved those numbers unanimously.

Then, City Hall’s Jennifer Gould administered the Oath of Office to Mayor Cooper, and he, in turn sworn in Salmon and Thomas. Officials said Crowell will be sworn in at a future time.