FRIDAY UPDATE: Van Alstyne City Manager said that today the city continues emergency water conservation measures.

“Water usage yesterday evening and early this morning has reduced city reserves," City Manager Frank Baker said. 

ORIGINAL POST: The city of Van Alstyne has issued enacting emergency water conservation measures. City Manager Frank Baker said in a press release that “Well No. 5, the city’s largest producer of water, is not operational. It is unknown if the failure is tied to the recent storms.” Baker said these measures are in an effort to maintain a safe margin of water for drinking and also for fire protection.

The city is asking its residents and businesses to help conserve water in the following ways:

• Outdoor watering is strongly discouraged and if necessary hand watering only

• Washing of driveways and sidewalks prohibited

• Limit the consumption of water while showering and brushing teeth to the beginning and end

• Discourage taking a bath instead of showering

• Use dishwashers and washing machines as little as possible

• Encourage restaurants to not serve water unless requested

• Prohibit filling ponds with potable water

Public Works personnel are coordinating with vendors to make repairs as soon as possible. Public Works, engineering and GTUA are also working to determine if there is a way to temporarily supply water to the city from CGMA water line system.