Following the city’s request for bids for new sanitation and recycle services, the Van Alstyne City Council contracted with Sanitation Solutions of Paris, Texas, for trash collection and with Community Waste Disposal of Dallas for recycle products pickup. The new service will begin Feb. 28.

Van Alstyne City Manager Frank Baker said that with the contract for the city’s current provider, Republic Services, soon to end, the city sent out requests for bids to Republic Services and to several other providers in the industry for pricing and service.

“Sanitation Solutions came in with the best price and best recommendations from references, while providing similar service,” Baker said.

Trash pickup

Some residents and businesses will already have their new trash containers, as Sanitation Solutions began placement of them on Tuesday. But, Baker said, people are not to begin using these until after today, Feb. 24, as Feb. 28 is the end of the Republic Services contract. Those who have not received their new containers will have them in time for the new company service.

Jason Stephens, Sanitation Solutions general manager, said the company is excited to begin serving Van Alstyne.

“This has happened really fast, but we intend and are working to make this as seamless as possible,” he said.

Stephens said there could be a few glitches in the beginning, “but if anyone has a problem that needs to be ironed out, they are welcome to call us.”

The phone number for that business is on every Polycart provided.

The Sanitation Solutions’ contract states that those businesses and residences in the “Week A” area will have their trash picked up on Tuesdays. Trash pickup for those in the “Week B” area will be on Wednesdays.

This is described as a “take-all trash service designed to collect normal waste, bundle or reasonably-contained brush, and bulky waste items. Brush should not exceed three cubic yards with all feeder branches removed, and all stacked parallel to the street for collection.

In addition to the trash inside the Polycarts, residents are allowed to put out up to six additional items and one bulky-waste item each collection period. Additional trash carts can be obtained for an added $5 per cart/per month.

Collection trucks will run between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Stephens said that they will collect all trash from their Polycarts, no matter if the Polycart is facing toward or away from the street or curb. But, he added, it would be helpful to them if the Polycarts could have the lid opening portion facing the street or curb.

Republic Services will collect trash as usual on Feb. 24, and Sanitation Solutions will begin their collection on Feb. 28 or March 1, depending on the “Week A” or “Week B” area of residence or business location. A call to Republic Services about when they would be picking up their Polycarts wasn’t returned; Stephens, however, said it was his understanding that they would pick the containers up on their final day of trash collection service.

Stephens said that Sanitation Solutions began similarly serving Farmersville in October and that the transition from that city’s former collection service to Sanitation Solutions was relatively seamless, and that they were able to sew up any loose seams rather quickly.

Stephens added that Sanitation Solutions is in the process of opening a satellite location in Bonham, and that could offer new jobs to this area’s work force.

“We have a good feeling about coming to serve Van Alstyne, we are excited,” Stephens said.

Residential recycling

Recycled products will be collected every other Monday, with the first run being on Monday, March 6, for those in the “Week A” area. Then, on March 13, those in “Week B” area will have their recycled products picked up. Times for that service will also be 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The instructions for this service are basically the same as they have been with Republic, except that the containers, also being provided, must be at least five feet from any obstacle, such as a mailbox, car, fence, gas meter or drainage ditch. The Polycart lid opening must also be facing the street.