The City of Van Alstyne’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Nov. 6 was moved to Nov. 29 due to the recent presidential election. The rescheduled meeting discussed a number of topics, including City Manager Frank Baker’s announcement that a Jalapeno’s Mexican Grill will be opening up in the strip center in Wilson N. Jones Plaza.

Mayor Larry Cooper said he was not certain about items 24 and 25 on the agenda, which authorized funding for a professional assembly of new playground equipment at Forrest Moore Park. Councilmember Robert Jaska informed him that the project, which was originally delegated to volunteers, turned out to be harder than anticipated and was in need of professional installation. The motion was then passed with three out of four member’s approval. Councilmember Brad Clough abstained from the vote due to his place on the Parks Board.

Baker announced Atmos Energy is working this week on Highway 5 between Van Alstyne and Howe. Though the work is primarily in Howe, it may lead to a gaseous smell in the area along the route. However, he urged citizens to always report any detected gas regardless of the perceived source.

The Sherman office of the Texas Department of Transportation will soon be undergoing construction on FM 121, but at least one lane of traffic will likely be kept open. The dates for the estimated two-week highway closure are not yet set, but Baker assured that traffic control options will be implemented to alleviate inconvenience for anyone traveling in the area.

Director of Public Works and Field Operations Steve White said new Public Works software will allow easier access to input public work orders. This is an important improvement, since Sunday night’s thunderstorm knocked out several water plant wells due to fallen trees, though all wells are running as of Tuesday. White said the storm accumulated 3 inches of rain, with a circuit flow of 500 gallons per minute, which reveals good engineering progress being made on the inflow.

Additionally, 8 of the 10 items on the consent agenda were immediately approved by the council. These approved items include authorizing the mayor to sign interlocal agreements with Grayson County for both Library Services for the 2017 Fiscal Year and road repairs on South Dallas Ave and water well No. 5.