Despite the sweltering heat, 80 children and 51 adults showed up for Big Rig Day this past Monday at the Van Alstyne Community Center. Big Rig Day is one of the family events offered through the Van Alstyne Public Library’s Summer Reading Program that occurs every Monday at the Community Center, 10:30 a.m., through July 24.

Van Alstyne Public Library staff say Big Rig Day is one of their favorite events. It provides an opportunity for the public to meet and interact with almost every department within the city of Van Alstyne.

“It’s important to understand how all the departments work together to serve our community and promotes a sense of family to be able to put a face to each service,” Library Director Judy Kimzey said. “The Library strives to enrich our community with information, learning, and entertainment. One of the ways we do that by providing events like this to the public. We begin our event with introductions from a representative of each department who tells us a little about themselves, the function their department, and about the equipment they’ve brought with them for the children to enjoy.”

Jess Tillet and Justin Johnson represented Public Works and brought a back hoe and a front end loader. Officer Alex Jones allowed the children the run the lights and siren in his Charger patrol car. Lieutenant Jeremy Powell and Fireman Travis Ball showed Van Alstyne’s Fire Engine complete with emergency equipment and hoses.