Trey Jones’s smile practically lit up the Grayson County Commissioners’ Courtroom Tuesday as he accepted a handshake from U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe.

The congressman had just finished telling county leaders that Jones, from Van Alstyne, will soon join his twin brother at the U.S. Air Force Academy just outside Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Going to a service academy was a dream of mine for a very long time,” Trey Jones said.

He started first thinking about it as a freshman in high school. Then his twin brother was accepted at the Air Force Academy for their freshman year of college. Trey wasn’t that fortunate, but he didn’t let it stop him from getting a good education. He went to Texas A&M and joined the corp cadets. And, he reapplied to the Air Force Academy. It turns out, the second time was the charm for him.

Now he will be joining his brother in Colorado after a stint in basic training. Trey said he isn’t looking forward to basic training, but he is confident he can handle it. He is also confident he can handle the course work he will face as a first-year at the academy.

“It won’t be the same workload that I had at A&M. It is like calculus — and physics-based at the Academy, and I was a business major at A&M,” he explained.

He plans to go into management once he can declare a major after his sophomore year at the Academy. But the book work is not exactly what Trey is looking forward to the most about going to the school.

“Flying the planes and jumping out of them,” he said, is what he can’t wait to do.

His mother Carole said she is not really comfortable with the idea of her sons doing those activities, but she knows it is what they want to do and she is proud of them for their accomplishments. Only 12 percent of the students who apply to the academy get accepted, according to information available on the school’s website.

“It will be nice to have them both back together,” Carole Jones said.

She said she and her husband, David, who was also in the Air Force, expect to spend a lot of their next few vacations in Colorado.