Several months ago I was attending a meeting at a downtown Dallas church. There were a few minutes here and there when perhaps the speakers had less than my full attention. I was not napping although there were a few times in the afternoon session when I was tempted; but that is another story.

During one of the occasions when my thoughts wandered a bit, I happened to notice the base, or legs, of the pew in front of me. For some reason, it came as a surprise to discover that it was anchored in place by some bolts sunk into the floor. When I thought about it a moment, I realized that of course there would have to be some sort of anchoring, otherwise the pews would tend to wander around.

Those fastens perform a vital role. However, they don’t get a lot of attention and even less thanks, but they are always there. Unnoticed, but dependable. Theirs might be a simple and unglamorous job but it is an important function. Let a few of them go missing, or fail, and it would not be long before we realized just how we need them.

We have the bad habit of doing the same thing to each other. Society tends to value people by the kind of work they do and how much money they make. Every one wants to be a doctor, lawyer, jet pilot or any of the other high profile and good paying jobs.

On the other hand, God has repeatedly demonstrated an affinity for the ordinary and common things and people of this world. God chose an elderly, childless couple to be the parents of a great nation. A poor, young girl, and her fiancé from a small unimportant town were God’s choice to be the messiah’s earthly Mother and Father. Jesus picked a woman shunned by most of her neighbors for her questionable morals to be the first to hear the good news.

The long and the short of it is that it does not make any difference if you are rich or poor, mighty or meek, young or old, there is a place for you in God’s kingdom. There is a place for you in one of God’s churches. There is a place for you in God’s family, and there is a ministry that God is calling you to. Don’t worry if you think you lack the knowledge and skills needed to do great things. It’s not always the equipped who are chosen, but God never fails to equip those who are called.

If you have not heard that call yet or if you are uncertain about it, a good way to start is by reading God’s word, by praying, and by listening. It is not the only place, but one of the best places to do that is by joining with others in worship Sunday morning at any of the local churches.

John is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Prosper.