A Denison woman got more than she bargained for when she tried selling a diamond ring on a popular marketing app. After she advertised a diamond ring for sale on the 5miles app, three young men showed interest in the ring. Due to the Anna Walmart being centrally located for both parties, they decided to meet there.

Lieutenant Jeff Caponera with the Anna Police Department said the suspect tried many times to remove the ring from the victim’s finger.

“After a few failed attempts, the suspect yanked the ring off, said ‘gotcha’, and fled to his car,” Caponera said.

The victim tried pulling out her gun as a scare tactic to keep the thieves from leaving, but the suspects took off in their car — no shots were fired.

Once the police arrived on scene, they reviewed the surveillance video and noted the make and model of the vehicle. After seeing the license plate number of the car, the police issued a bulletin with the information on the suspects and the vehicle.

Caponera said within 10 minutes after releasing the bulletin, the Plano Police Department called notifying they were behind a car matching the description and stopped the car. Once the Anna PD identified the three males, the Anna Police went to Plano and retrieved the suspects.

The stolen ring was recovered and all three suspects admitted to the crime, Caponera said.

Caponera said if somebody wants to meet regarding the purchase from a marketing app, especially an item with a $2,500 price tag as the ring did, to meet the potential buyer at the police station.

“To the victim’s credit, she did try to meet in a public place that she probably deemed safe,” Caponera said. “However, we encourage people to meet at the police station.”

Two of the thieves are known to be minors from Plano. They are being held in the Collin County Jail with a $2,500 bond. There was no information for the third thief, also from Plano.