LITTLE ELM — Of the six sites that Little Elm has established for capture and surveillance of insects, specifically mosquitos for the presence of West Nile Virus, two have produced a positive result.

“As part of our continuing Mosquito Management and Response Plan, we have active mosquito traps in six locations strategically placed around town,” Public Works Director Kevin Mattingly said. “The traps at the Shell Beach Lift Station and at 2612 Round Up contained specimens in the mosquito pool that tested positive for West Nile Virus.”

The positive findings serve to activate the community communication portion of the Little Elm Mosquito Management and Response Plan. “Mosquito pool” is the term used for a group of mosquitoes caught and tested out of a single trap, unrelated to swimming or wading pools.

Results from the other traps set up in different parts of Town have proven negative as of this time. Signs will be placed along both of the sites which tested positive to alert residents of the positive test.

“There is no immediate danger,” Mattingly said. “There have been no reported human cases of the virus, and in fact, the chances of a human infection are greatly minimized when people take appropriate action.”

Taking a proactive approach can be successful in limiting exposure to the virus, even when a positive carrier has been identified. Officials strongly encourage residents to enact the “Four Ds” of prevention.

These include:

• Drain all standing water, and overturn containers, pots, and other areas where water can pool;

• Dress in light colored, long-sleeve and long pant leg clothing when outdoors;

• DEET-containing pesticides and repellents work best and are safe to use;

• Dawn and Dusk are when mosquitoes are most active and thus outdoor activity should be limited.

Mattingly says crews will continue to apply larvicides to mosquito breeding areas and conduct surveillance measures, as well as some low-level spraying and misting. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that residents’ efforts are the best line of defense against the disease.

For more information, contact: Emergency Management at 972-377-1896, Health Services at 214-731- 3276 and Public Works at 214-377-5556.