HOWE — In search of Easter eggs, community members walked around Howe picking up trash Saturday. As part of the Keep Howe Beautiful Howe beautification program, the committee held its third annual trash off in downtown.

Easter eggs that could be found around the city contained coupons to local restaurants and money.

“You have to love where you live and the people in Howe love where they live,” Howe Economic Development Director Monte Walker said. “I think it is important because it shows that our community cares. You can see that in the people that come here today to pick up trash.”

The Howe trash off was a Keep Texas Beautiful event. Texas cities have until the end of May to hold trash offs through Texas beautification program.

“We wanted to have ours at the beginning of the period,” Keep Howe Beautiful Executive Director Donna Wormsbaker said. “We have bulldog pride. I hope people take pride in the community and hopefully by doing this, it will influence others to do the same.”

Last year, Wormsbaker said, about 40 people participated in the Howe trash off.

“The atmosphere and the mentality of this town has changed a lot,” Walker said. “A few years ago, it was hard to find people to volunteer. Now we have hundreds of volunteers willing to help make this city great. It’s like we have had a renaissance here. It is really great.”

Howe Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts helped pick up trash along Hughes Street Saturday.

“Picking up trash helps keep the environment clean, and if we do not pick trash up, animals can choke on it,” Boy Scout Troop 45 member Andrew Harper said. “People should not throw trash on the ground or outside of their car and if they do, they should go ahead and pick it up.”

Girl Scout Troop 3698 member Christina Harper agreed with her brother.

“A lot of people throw their stuff out and it will not decompose fast enough,” she said. “It can ruin our environment. We want everyone to know that we are a good community and that we love each other.”

Seeing people invested in their town, Walker said, is important.

“Picking up trash is one of the easiest things you can do,” he said. “It’s like we tell the baseball kids here, ‘Baseball is hard, but hustling is one of the easiest things you can do.’ The same goes for keeping Howe beautiful. Cleaning the town is the easiest thing you can do.”